Motive Force

Motive Force Technology Limited was founded in 2016. As a distinguished member of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Enterprise Acceleration Program (formerly recognized as the Leap Program), our unwavering commitment lies in the research and development of core software and technological applications for immersive virtual reality systems. Our ultimate goal is to revolutionize and optimize traditional teaching and rehabilitation methods through innovative technology.

Since its inception, Motive Force has proudly unveiled its own branded products - VirCube, an immersive XR extended reality system that offers an unparalleled lifelike experience, and SilverMOVE, a gamified VR virtual sports system. Anchored in the principle of movement, we transcend the boundaries of reality, extending cross-disciplinary exploratory learning and simulated life training experiences to individuals of varying age groups, sectors, and capabilities.
Our Team
We value innovative communication and diverse collaboration. In just a few short years since its establishment, we have built a robust team comprising experts in software and hardware development, content creation, production, business expansion, and marketing. This convergence of multidisciplinary technical expertise and professional experience forms the cornerstone of our success.

Simultaneously, our business investors and management team consist of industry professionals, including former primary and secondary school principals, art education consultants, and even professors from the University of Hong Kong Medical School. Their collective expertise spans from academic knowledge to practical technology, guiding the company to emerge as a trailblazer in XR applications within the realms of education, senior technology, and healthcare industries in Hong Kong.
The corporate headquarter of Motive Force are situated in Hong Kong, strategically leveraging the technological ecosystem provided by the HKSTP for our research and development endeavors. In a subsequent strategic move, we inaugurated a state-of-the-art VR experience laboratory located in Kwun Tong, Kowloon. To effectively cater to the burgeoning demands of the market, we have further established robust production and logistics divisions in both Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

A pivotal development in our expansion trajectory materialized in 2022 with the establishment of our Canadian subsidiary, thereby augmenting our international footprint and fortifying our position in overseas markets.
Motive Force Headquarter and branch office

Hong Kong Headquarters

Motive Force Headquarter at Kwun Tong
Kwun Tong Headquarter
System and Content Production Department of Motive Force
3D Model and Content Department
System and Content Production Department of Motive Force
Programs and System Department

Research & Development

Motive Force at Hong Kong Science Park
R & D Base
R&D Office of Motive Force
Products Development
R&D Office of Motive Force
Products Testing & Calibration

3D LED Panel Production

Shenzhen 3D Display Production of Motive Force
Manufacturing Facility
Shenzhen 3D Display Production of Motive Force
3D LED Panel Production
Shenzhen 3D Display Production of Motive Force
System Construction
Shenzhen 3D Display Production of Motive Force
Products Testing & Calibration


Throughout its development, Motive Force has consistently pioneered practical products within the realm of Extended Reality (XR), encompassing Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR), thereby facilitating the democratization of XR applications. Concurrently, we foster a culture of innovation, valuing individual talents, and embracing diverse inclusivity.

- Motive Force Established
- Successfully pioneered our proprietary VR Software VirCube 1.0 and flagship product Immersive VR System


- Joined HKSTP startup program and became a member of the Acceleration Program(formerly known as the LEAP Program).
- Participated in the 2nd Elevator Pitch Competition organized by Hong Kong Science Park and received the "My Favorite Pitch" award.
- Introduced the first VirCube educational system to local secondary schools, a system that remains in use to this day.


- Launched our in-house VR virtual sports system, SilverMOVE.
- The first VirCube system was referenced by THong Kong Metropolitan University's School of Nursing and Health Studies.
- Constructed the first 5-sided LED VirCube system across Hong Kong for the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, advancing applications in architectural engineering
- Established VirCube system and SilverMOVE at Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Jockey Club Rehabilitation Complex, making inroads into the rehabilitation and senior citizen markets.


- SilverMOVE was awarded the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2019: Smart Citizen (Smart Aging) Bronze Award.
- Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Jockey Club Rehabilitation Complex achieved the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2019: Smart Citizen (Smart Inclusion) Silver Award through VirCube applications.
- Introduced user-friendly VR design and creation software — 360 Designer and MR Creator.
- Engaged in The Hong Kong Jockey Club "Smart Jockey Adventure" Learning Program, implementing VR-based learning in six special schools.
- Established a 3D LED display production line at the Shenzhen manufacturing facility, ensuring quality assurance.


- Introduced the upgraded version of our VR software — VirCube 2.0.
- Signed a MOU with MTR Innovation Hub, establishing a collaborative partnership.
- Led by a subsidiary of The University of Hong Kong, secured funding support from Quality Education Fund to implement VR education in six local secondary schools.
- Hong Kong Polytechnic University published the first research report on the effectiveness of VirCube virtual reality training in improving cognitive impairments and Parkinson's disease.
- Successfully joined The Hong Kong Jockey Club "Age-Friendly City" Program 2020, confirming our commitment to promoting an age-friendly culture.
- Relocated our headquarters to Kwun Tong, Kowloon, while maintaining the Hong Kong Science Park office for product development, expanding VR experience rooms and business areas.


- Launched upgraded and portable versions of VirCube, officially named VirCube XR SPACE and VirCube FLEXI, respectively.
- Introduced New XR software — VirCube 3.0, supporting the latest VirCube XR SPACE and VirCube FLEXI systems.
- Unveiled SilverMOVE System 2.0.
- Established a collaborative relationship through a MOU with Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital.
- Set up the largest immersive XR system in Hong Kong, spanning over 10 meters, for The Education University of Hong Kong.
- Garnered a client base exceeding 100 organizations, promoting XR education, rehabilitation training, and architectural engineering.
- Initiated maker education workshops, cultivating a pool of VR creative talents.


- Launch of BUTTONS and Magic FLOOR
- Signing of MOU with the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Kwai Chung) Health Tech Center
- Awarded the 2022 Health Partner of the Year by ETNet
- Establishment of Canada branch office


- Collaboration with the HKCCCC for the 5th Inter-School Visual Arts Exhibition "Muses of Art," featuring the creation of a "VR Virtual Gallery"
- Implementation of the "We are (VR) Learning" special school collaborative learning program for Tung Wah Group of Hospitals
- VirCube FLEXI honored with the Best Design Brand Award 2023 by the HKDA
- VirCube recognized in the Jockey Club Age-Friendly City Project - Age-Friendly Business Innovation Award